Acer ES Series 5 AES015

  • Motor: Equipped with a powerful 36V/350W motor, capable of reaching speeds up to 25 km/h.
  • Speed Modes: Offers 3 speed modes: 6 km/h, 10 km/h, and 25 km/h
  • Battery: high-capacity 15Ah battery, offering an extensive range of approximately 60 km on a single charge. Charging time is around 8 hours.
  • Weight Capacity: weighing up to 100 kg.
  • Braking System: Utilizes a front electric brake in combination with a rear disc brake for efficient and reliable braking performance.
  • Suspension and Tires: Equipped with rear suspension and it features 10″ PU inflatable foam tires
  • Display and Lighting: Includes an LED display, headlight, turn signals, reflectors, bell, and backlit features for visibility and safety during rides, it supports application control via Bluetooth, and the IPX5 rating ensures water resistance.
  • Ground Clearance: Offers 8.5 cm of ground clearance
  • Foldable Design: With a weight of 18.5 kg and foldable functionality
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty




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